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General & Restorative

General & Restorative Dentistry

Protecting Your Smile in Anna, TX

At Branches Dental, we want to be a part of your oral care journey through all of its stages. If you’re in need of restorative dentistry, our doctors provide honest, informative recommendations and only suggest procedures that will work best for you.

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Recovering From Tooth Loss Or Damage

The stress of losing a tooth as an adult can be overwhelming, but Branches Dental is here to ease your pain and help you through the recovery process. If you’ve lost a permanent tooth due to decay or an accidental injury, we provide dental implants and bridges that will get your teeth back to feeling and looking their best.


If your tooth has a large filling or cavity, or is broken, our dentists may suggest a crown to protect it from further damage. You’re in good hands at Branches Dental, and we make sure that every crown is placed with precision for a long lasting smile. Our doctors will determine the best crown to use to restore the look and function of your teeth.

Full & Partial Dentures

If you’re missing teeth, our dentists may suggest full or partial custom made dentures. During your consultation, we will discuss your needs and determine the restorative option that is best for your dental health and your budget. Implant retained crowns are option as well for increased stability and retention.

Dental Implants

Tooth loss can take a toll on your overall health and your confidence can suffer as a result. We offer dental implants as a solution that will restore your smile back to health and happiness. Our skilled dentists will replace your tooth with a strong, natural looking implant that will last.

Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Our dentists perform gentle, skillful extractions when a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, or when it is necessary to remove a wisdom tooth. The procedure is relatively simple and virtually painless with local anesthetic, and we make sure that you are comfortable throughout the whole process.

Endodontics & Root Canals

Painful chewing and teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures are can be signs of a damaged or infected tooth. Our dentists may suggest a root canal to clean and disinfect the damaged area and bring your tooth back to health. If you’re in pain, the dentists at Branches Dental will get you smiling comfortably again.

TMJ & Sleep Apnea

Unexplained headaches, loud snoring, muscle soreness, and a clicking jaw can be signs of TMJ and sleep apnea. At Branches Dental, we assess your situation and offer life-changing solutions like custom mouth guards and night guards. If you suspect you’re suffering from a TMJ disorder or sleep apnea, give us a call to discuss your options.

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