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When Is Sedation Dentistry The Right Choice?

Sedation dentistry is great for people who do not like visiting the dentist, or have dental anxiety. If you don’t like going to the dentist, you aren’t alone. More than 15 million people suffer from a fear of the dentist.

Sedation dentistry from Branches Dental is the best way to deal with dental anxiety, or discomfort at the dentist. Dr. Nilesh Thakkar specializes in treating patients in Anna, TX who have dental anxiety. Learn more about sedation and dental anxiety and how to conquer your fears!

Sedation Dentistry

Understanding The Levels Of Dental Anxiety

Not all dental anxiety is the same. The most commonly used measurement of dental anxiety is Corah’s Dental Anxiety Scale. This scale puts patients into 4 groups.

  • Little/no dental anxiety – Most people fall into this category, even if the idea of a dental drill makes them a bit squeamish. If you are not really afraid of the dentist, this is probably the category you’re in.
  • Moderate dental anxiety – Those with moderate dental anxiety may be nervous about going to the dentist, or have a specific “stressor” that makes them anxious, like the sound of a dental drill. However, most people with moderate dental anxiety can still visit a dentist, even without sedation.
  • High dental anxiety – Higher levels of dental anxiety usually occur if you have a serious physiological response to going to the dentist. If your heart races, your palms get sweaty, or you feel nauseous or upset when going to the dentist, you probably have a high level of dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry is often recommended for patients with this level of anxiety.
  • Severe dental anxiety (phobia) – Patients who have severe dental anxiety may get nervous or anxious at the mere thought of going to the dentist. Significant sedation is required for these patients, and further steps like cognitive-behavioral therapy may be recommended.

Who Can Benefit From Sedation At The Dentist?

Just about anyone can benefit from sedation at Branches Dental, even if they don’t have dental anxiety. Here are some examples:

  • Patients with strong gag reflexes – A strong gag reflex can make it difficult to clean the teeth, or fill a molar. Sedation can help reduce your state of consciousness, and mitigate the effects of a strong gag reflex.
  • Patients undergoing multiple lengthy procedures – If you need multiple procedures, and are going to be spending 2+ hours in the dentist’s chair, sedation may be recommended. It will make it easier for you to sit still and help you avoid discomfort.
  • Patients with a low tolerance for pain/discomfort – Patients who are very averse to pain or discomfort may opt for sedation dentistry. From basic fillings to root canals, it makes the entire treatment process easier.

Come To Branches Dental For Sedation Dentistry In Anna, TX!

Dr. Nilesh Thakkar has years of experience using sedation. Whether you suffer from serious dental anxiety, or are simply worried about an upcoming procedure, our family dental practice is here to help.

Don’t let anxiety stop you from getting the dental care you need. Contact us now at (972) 924-0330 to schedule your appointment, or stop by our Anna office at 2100 West White St. #100, Anna, TX 75409. We’ll see you soon!

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